Terry Pawson
Cities: LONDON
Terry Pawson was born in 1957 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and studied at Kingston School of Architecture, receiving an honours degree in 1979 and a Diploma in 1981. He then worked for a number of London based offices before spending two years in Italy working on a number of school and community buildings as part of the reconstruction efforts following the earthquake in southern Italy in 1980. On returning to London, he worked for Terry Farrell prior to setting up Pawson Williams Architects in 1986. He has also taught and lectured at a number of schools of Architecture in the UK and Europe. Since establishing Terry Pawson Architects at the beginning of 2001, Terry has carried out a number of key projects that extend and clarify his architectural position. In 2002, the Tall House was the first completed building for the practice and highlighted a concern for creating complex spatial relationships within a simple and clear organisational diagram. Since that first project, other larger projects have been designed including the offices for a private company in Hammersmith, an contemporary art gallery and theatre in Ireland and a new opera House in Austria that is due for completion at the beginning of 2012.
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