Since 1992, when Hitoshi Abe won first prize in the Miyagi Stadium Competition, he has maintained an active international design practice based in Sendai, Japan, as well as a schedule of lecturing and publishing, which place him among the leaders in his field. Known for architecture that is spatially complex and structurally innovative, the work of Atelier Hitoshi Abe has been published internationally and received numerous awards in Japan and internationally. His best-known public works are the Miyagi Stadium (2000) and the Reihoku Community Hall, for which he received the 2003 Architectural Institute of Japan Award. Other awards include the 2009 Architectural Institute of Japan Award for SSM/Kanno Museum, the 2009 Architectural Institute of Japan Award for Outstanding Practice for the International Architecture Workshop, the 2009 Contract World Award and the 2007 World Architecture Award for SSM/Kanno Museum.
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