Cities: PARIS
Countries: FRANCE
In 1989, after more than 10 years of professional activity in Naples, Italy, Gianni Ranaulo moved his headquarters to Paris. He took part in several competitions and international projects such as the Meaux Prefecture, the Law-courts of Melun, Greenport Waterfront and San Diego’s Port in the USA. Since 1994 he dedicates his work to the research of new architectural languages, theorising the LightArchitecture concepts, proposing the re-unification of architecture’s virtual and real elements into the Mediabuilding. Between 1999 and 2002, he opened offices dedicated to LightArchitecture in Rome and London continuing his research on LightArchitecture and Mediabuilding. In 2003, Gianni Ranaulo started his architectural R&D laboratory the LAI, LightArchitecture Institute, in Narni Castle, Umbria. Italy. In 2004, Gianni Ranaulo has taught a course of Light Design at the Brera Academy in Milan. In 2005 Gianni Ranaulo has designed the successful V.I.P. Room in Paris, and in 2006 he started to design a Mediabuilding and several tower buildings in Dubai.
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