Cities: NAPLES
Countries: ITALY
Gambardellarchitetti is an handicraft laboratory of architecture design restoration and landscape founded in Naples at the end of the 1950s by Alfonso and Virginia Gambardella. From very the start, the office has won many competitions and has done some public buildings in southern Italy, has designed several internal spaces and achieved many restoration of monumental buildings such as the Certosa of Padula, the early Christian Baptistry of Nocera dei Pagani the Sedil Dominova in Sorrento. . In 1987 Cherubino Gambardella has driven to the architecture and composition research barycentre of laboratory’s interests. Cherubino Gambardella, is director of the Department of Composition, Restoration and Technology of Architecture and full professor of architectural design in the Faculty of Architecture Luigi Vanvitelli of the Second University of Naples. He gave lectures in many Italian and foreign universities and seminars for students of the Catholic University of Washington, the Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona, the ETH of Zurich. This year is one of the 14 architects invited the Italian Pavilion of the Biennale of Venice to achieve a installation on the theme: Italy 2050. Has recently won the competition for the restructuring of the Milan Underground station Loreto, still under construction.
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