Countries: ITALY
Sito: www.cc04.net
C+C04STUDIO has been founded in 2004 by Pier Francesco Cherchi and Mario Cubeddu after a collaboration started in 1999. In 2006 C+C04STUDIO won the second prize on the Europan 8 competition for the renovation of the public space on the suburban area S.Teresa in Cagliari, Italy. In 2008 they won the second prize on a competition of social housing in Oristano, Italy. In the same year they participate together with a big German office “Nikl and partners” on the competition of a new hospital in Sassari, Italy. In 2009 they won with VPS architetti and 3TItalia the second and third prize for the new bus & coach station respectively for the competition in Macomer and Oristano, Italy.
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