Countries: ITALY
Elena Bruschi (Rome, 1959) and Antonio Esposito (Rome, 1961) live and work in Monopoli (Bari) since 1992, after spending several years in Milan with different training and work experience. Their work has dealt with design themes based on several private and public commissions and design competitions (including House in Barialto, 1993, 2nd prize ex-aequo; Layout for the ruins of Egnatia, 2001, winner project ; Layout for Liberty Square in Cesena, 2003, 2nd prize ex-aequo; Bicentennial Plaza in Mexico City, 2008, winner project) without forgetting its commitment in promoting cultural activities. Elena Bruschi has turned in recent years a strong focus on the theme of the dwelling and she attended to the magazine of the Order of Architects of Bari. Antonio Esposito has grown, since the years of its formation, a particular interest in the Portuguese architecture and a constant access to the city of Oporto, from which they were born in recent years, several studies and publications (in collaboration with Giovanni Leoni two volumes on the works of Eduardo Souto de Moura and Fernando Tavora, published by Electa). He taught at the Faculties of Architecture in Bari, Milan and Cesena and Engineering Faculties in Potenza and Naples.
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