Alfonso Femia - Gianluca Peluffo
Cities: GENOA
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture
Alfonso Femia (1966) and Gianluca Peluffo (1966) founded studio 5+1 in Genoa in 1995. In 2005 they set up 5+1 AA architecture agency. In 2005 they won the International competi tion for the New Cinema Palace in Venice (under construction), with Rudy Riciotti. In 2006 they opened an Atelier in Milan. In 2007 they founded 5+1 AA sarl in france and they were entrusted with the development of the Master Plan Milano Expo 2015. In 2008 they won, with Jean-Baptiste Pietri and Italiana Costruzioni spa, the international competition for the new directional buildings of Sviluppo Sistema Fiera in Milan (nearly completed) and they were entrused with the urban development of the Parisian Area Massna Bruneseau, with Moatti&Riviere. Alfonso Femia is a professor at KSU in Florence and Contact Professor of Architectural Design at Ferrara University. Gianluca Peluffo is a researcher in the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa.
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